Flowers and Leaves

Sage the miraculous. This small miracle of nature, we cultivated it with inherent love for the land that created it and we use the most natural ways of production for you to enjoy it in its most authentic form as a spice or a seasoning. Its magical properties in your hands, from Althea.


Sage is a perennial shrub that is found throughout the Mediterranean. It is distinguished by the intense aroma and its purple flowers. Its leaves, the predominantly used part of the plant, are long and thick and are collected just before or at the beginning of flowering, in dry and sunny weather, from May to June.

Beneficial properties

The use of sage in pharmaceutical therapy and medicine has been known since ancient times. It was especially appreciated by the doctors of antiquity, such as Dioskouridis, Galenus, Hippocrates, while the ancient Greeks considered the plant sacred and dedicated it to Zeus. The Arabs considered it a panacea while a Chinese proverb says “why should people die when sage grows in their garden.”  It is characteristic that they exchange two green tea bags for one sage bag.

Its leaves have antiperspirant, refreshing, hepatic, stimulating, digestive, antiseptic, expectorant and spasmolytic properties, while the plant is also cardiotonic. It is also indicated for use against neuralgia. It is a natural antibiotic, and it also helps in indigestion in the form of a beverage. Ideal for mouth treatment in the event of injuries, abnormalities, pharyngitis and gingivitis.


Ιt is also used in cooking as a condiment. Its peppery taste fits well with meat, fish and cheese.