Cultivating our philosophy.


In front of the great majestic presence of nature itself, the idea of Althea arose and flourished.

A fresh emerging company which produces and processes organic, aromatic and medicinal dried herbs.

This company has its roots, in the picturesque mountain village of Polyrracho, in the prefecture of Kozani, along the Kamvounia mountains.

In this region, we have found good ground for the creation of a company, with the vision of producing supremely high quality products, with pharmaceutical and nutritional value. Along with the utmost respect towards nature, and the environment, and life itself.


‘Althea’ – from the ancient Greek word meaning “heal” – it cultivates its own philosophy. The philosophy of nature itself. It is based on the principles of natural cultivation, producing only varieties that are indigenous to the place. Our intervention in crops, is limited to the minimum and all the work is done traditionally by hand, while the plant residues resulting from the processing phase (stalks, branches) are composted and returned to the crops. All of our crops are certified, as organic crops, and all plants come from certified organic material, from a certified nursery. This is our land, our heritage, and our way of life.