An ideal place, an excellent way.


Althea has discovered the ideal place to take root and develop. Its facilities are located on the slopes of the Kamvounia Mountains, at an altitude of 750 meters. This complex mountainous volume is the natural border between western Macedonia and Thessaly and, due to its rich flora and fauna, it is a protected area. The climate and the composition of the soil are ideal for such crops, as all the herbs we cultivate are indigenous. At the same time, it is a purely forage area free from intensive agricultural holdings and pesticides.


Our cultivations are made in anhydrous, sunny, sloping and stony fields, which are surrounded by lush forests. The production process follows three main stages and applies to the ISO 2200 quality system.


Harvesting is done manually and lasts for several days, and it involves the procedure of harvesting only the strains that are free of foreign matter and are in the appropriate flower-growing stage. By selectively collecting the best parts of each plant, we ensure the top quality of our products.


After harvesting, transportation is done, to driers installed in the crop fields themselves, which minimizes  transport time and ensures the high quality and preservation of essential oils. Drying takes place in special storerooms, in a natural way. A natural air flow and a dark environment ensures the preservation and keeps the quality characteristics, aroma and color of herbs unchanged.


After drying, further product-specific treatment (sieving, etc.) is followed and then the products are packaged.